D2D Payment Splitting for Authors and Collaborators // Self Publishing Insiders // EP027

Episode Summary

Splitting the royalties on your box sets, coauthored books, and collaborative projects just got a lot easier, with D2D Payment Splitting! In this episode of SPI, the D2D team talks about this new and incredible feature, and how you can start using it RIGHT NOW. Go... shoo... what are you waiting for?!?

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The History You Made: The D2D 2020 End-of-Year Roundup

From Fan Fiction to Novelist with Terry Odell // Self Publishing Insiders // EP026

Episode Summary

Terry Odell began writing by mistake, when her son mentioned a television show and she thought she’d be a good mom and watch it so they’d have common ground for discussions. Little did she know she would enter the world of writing, first via fan fiction, then through Internet groups, and finally in groups with real, live partners. Her first publications were short stories, but she found more freedom in longer works and began what she thought was a mystery. Her daughters told her it was a romance so she began learning more about the genre and craft. Now a multi-published, award winning author, Terry resides with her husband and rescue dog in the mountains of Colorado.

Collaborative Writing with Zach Bohannon // Self Publishing Insiders // EP025

Episode Summary

Zach Bohannon is a science fiction, horror, and dark fantasy author. His critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic zombie series, Empty Bodies, is a former Amazon #1 bestseller. Mark chats with Zach about collaboration with one co-author as well as multiple collaborators and the value of connections, both digital and in the physical world, with other authors.

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