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The Smashwords Store is the destination for readers discovering the next breakout, bestselling indie authors. With nearly a million titles published from around the world by over 250,000 indie authors and publishers, there’s something for everyone in every genre imaginable. The Smashwords Store has thousands of books on discount at any given time which encourages readers to try out unfamiliar authors or stock up on books from authors they already love. Reader-friendly tools, such as Author Alerts and Smashwords Presales, ensure readers are in-the-know when their favorite authors release new books. For authors and publishers, the Smashwords Store offers an array of self-serve merchandising tools and pays the industry’s highest royalty rates.



D2D Circular LogoNo, seriously… that’s what D2D does for authors—we make it easy to convert your manuscript into an ebook or print book, with just a few clicks, and then distirbute it via our massive collection of retailers and libraries worldwide. Discover readers in places you didn’t even know were places!

Here’s the basics (but there is so much more):

  • Upload your Word or RTF file and we’ll convert it to an ebook (for free)
  • Already have an epub file? No problem! Upload it and we’ll distirbute it wherever you want.
  • No fees, no costs—we take about a 15% cut from the royalties you make when you sell a book. That means we don’t make money unless you make money!
  • Use all our free stuff! Fancy layout templates, automated endmatter (copyright page, table of contents, Also By pages, author bios, and more), convert your ebook to a print book, even convert your ebook cover to a full, wraparound print cover—all for free!
  • Promote your book! We have a whole bunch of free promotion tools, including Author Pages, Book Tabs (like a sales page for your book), Readling Lists, and our Universal Book Links. And a lot more.

If you haven’t arleady, sign up for your brand new Draft2Digital account and get started making your author dreams into author realities.

Draft2Digital is author support, without the overhead.

And if you ever have questions or need a little help, we’re right here at