Of Time and the Dreamer

by Charles Justus Garard

Product Description:


If you could travel back in time to your own past, would you make any changes? If changing the past would change and affect the present and the future, what would you do? Nothing? Relive the past exactly as you experienced it before? But what if you could visit your past in another dimension . . . and any changes you make in that past would not affect the present or future in your own world -- in this dimension. Only the other dimension would be changed. Would you make changes -- particularly if you thought that you might be trapped there?

Tyler Grant discovers this to be the case when he travels through a dream corridor into his past in another dimension. The first two trips into his past are controlled by colleague Dr. Craig Marsh from his private office about a theater in Seven Point Junction, a funky area of Atlanta. The third trip that he takes, however, is not under Craig's control, and Tyler time-trips on his own. He is badly injured in an auto accident and his body is sent to an Atlanta hospital. His energy consciousness is floating on its own, and he goes through the corridor back to his past when he was a graduate student at a southern Illinois university. He sees his old friends who do not know that his body is occupied by a different Tyler from the future. He also draws into his time corridor a girl from Malaysia with whom he became acquainted in a graduate class. She is Lalitha, and she is being kicked to death by her husband in her own country when Tyler's thoughts about her and his emotional attachment draw her back to the past when she also was much younger. Together they try to solve the mystery of what is happening. Tyler, of course, has his own mystery to contend with. He does not know who tried to kill him back in Atlanta.

Later Tyler is joined at the university by a colleague from the private school where they are both teaching in Atlanta. She is Estra Gudrun, a woman with whom he was in love back when he was an undergraduate many years before. They had a relationship, but because both were married at the time, Estra ended it. Now she is sent by Craig Marsh to find him. She looks much younger, of course, but Tyler recognizes her from their time together. She stays with Tyler in his off-campus apartment and they discuss their options in this alternate universe. When Lalitha is kidnapped by an unknown person, Estra helps him search for her -- as do Tyler's friends and fellow graduate students.

Because of this, this past time in this other dimension is changed -- and this will change the future in this world.