Star Struck

Stolen Years, #7

by Ryn Shell

Publisher: A Brush with Nature Studio

Product Description:

Linton and Rose didn't care if the NASA Skylab's safe re-entry over Western Australia was a cover-up, as long as they could be together.
A stand-alone, not quite cozy, mixed genre novel.

Come on a powerfully emotional, twenty-year journey of family love, mystery and danger in rural and outback Australia.

In a year of wonders, teenagers Rose and Linton pledged their love, and men walked on the moon. But as the moon mission ends, Rose is pregnant and Linton is gone. Rose and Linton's love seems doomed from the start. But, can the enduring love Rose maintains for Linton win them a happily ever after, when even 'the heavens' seem to be against the lovers?

An intriguing story with universal appeal.

Romance and recent historical fiction combine in an Australian story that is highly relevant in today's world. As with Ryn Shell's other historical fiction and rural-lit mystery novels, there is betrayal, resilience and love at the core of a semi-biographical story set in outback and rural Australia.