Scaling Social Impact of Dutch Social Enterprises - An empirical Analysis of the SCALERS Model

by Patrick Layer

Product Description:

Given the growing importance and interest in Social Entrepreneurship worldwide, this thesis approaches how Dutch Social Enterprises can increase their social impact. The research is based upon the SCALERS Model which was adopted for the first time to the European market. Using an empirical approach, the thesis surveyed 50 different Social Enterprises from the Netherlands. Due to the fact that this thesis is the first big scale field research, a wide variety of new insights were found. In short, the SCALERS Model could not be transformed successfully, hence another model was developed. It suggests that Social Enterprises should draw their focus on Alliance Building, Staffing and Earning Generations rather than on Stimulating Market Forces to scale social impact. This thesis contributes to the research in Social Entrepreneurship as well ads up to the theoretical foundations that the SCALERS Model is built on.