Auric and the Wolf

Auric's Valiants

by Aaron Pogue

Publisher: Masked Fox Productions

Product Description:

Before he was king of the greatest nation man had ever made, Auric Truefaith was a boy who helped on his family's farm. One day, working his father's fields, he finds himself face-to-face with a terrifying monster.

He soon learns that it takes more than a sharp sword and courage to be a hero.

In the world of Auric Truefaith, tyrant gods reign over the civilized and prosperous nation-states of Hurope. But there's a new wind blowing, as warriors and wizards take a stand for liberty.

A war is coming, and those who'd stand against the gods must become more than legends.

"Auric and the Wolf" is an Auric's Valiants short story featuring Auric Truefaith and Celine. Approximately 10,000 words.