Biogas Plant: Biogas Digester Design, Gas Production and Purification

by Steven Bright

Publisher: eBookstrati

Product Description:

Biogas being a renewable, sustainable and alternative source of energy obtained from the anaerobic digestion of Cow dung or other animal/plant wastes under appropriate conditions can be burnt and used as a cooking fuel after it has been properly purified or scrubbed.

Biogas technology involves the construction of digester/ biogas plant in which the organic materials are charged into, and allowed to digest for production of the gas (a mixture of methane, carbondioxide, hydrogen sulphide, water vapor etc) and a set of purifying chambers for cleaning or scrubbing the gas, before compressing it into the combustion chamber for domestic use. These are what you will learn:

*Introduction to Biogas Technology
*Properties of Biogas
*Operating Parameters Affecting Biogas Production.
*Biochemical Processes of Biogas Production.
*Gas Flow Mechanism
*Design of Digester and Purifying Chambers.
*Gas Production
*Gas Purification
*Maintenance of a Biogas Plant
*Safety of Biogas