Sentinels of Solitude

by Rae Richen

Publisher: Lloyd Court Press

Product Description:

Landscape architect, Bronwen Llewellyn accepts a challenging job beyond her normal urban projects, creating a landscape for the lovely home on Margaret MacGregor's sheep ranch in Oregon's upper Willamette Valley.  However, upon arrival, Bronwen is pitched into a land fight that threatens lives and implicates MacGregor friends.

Bronwen grows fond of strong and caring Margaret, but Margaret's son and ranching partner, Douglas MacGregor is a challenge. When Bronwen herself nearly becomes a victim of the fight, she realizes Douglas and his mother may be killed unless she uncovers the truth. Some townspeople warn her of Douglas' own reputation for violence.

Frightened for her when she interferes, Douglas angrily refuses her involvement. Still, she strives to find evidence of the real criminal and convince Douglas that the vicious tricks and murderous ambushes must be planned by someone who knows him well.

Douglas has deep-seated reasons not to wrongly suspect friends. He knows first-hand how soul-destroyed a man becomes when he is accused of crimes of passion.