Storm Fleet

The Pillar Universe, #1

by Tim Niederriter

Publisher: Mental Cellar Publications

Product Description:

                 Storms gather. Rebellions rise. Her journey begins.

Yajain grew up hated, feared for her mixed heritage. The last great war's end didn't end intolerance. Ever persistent, Yajain joins a rescue fleet on the frontier of known space. Enormous storms threaten to swallow whole colonies as they sweep in from unknown space.

Their dangerous mission in the colonies grows more perilous thanks to a ghost from Yajain's past. Mosam, a man she thought lost, resurfaces as a rebel leader. His motives remain mysterious.

Yajain must contend with the exiled dissidents from last war, imperial agents who distrust and hate her, and the increasing scale disastrous storms to chase Mosam down.

Storm Fleet is the first book in a space opera series for readers of Lois McMaster Bujold and Lindsay Buroker, mixing adventure with romantic elements. Discover the Pillar Universe, a science fiction setting unlike any other!

When you go looking for trouble, who knows what you'll find?