Coronaviruses: The deadly COVID-19 | A scientific approach for social awareness to prevent COVID-19 infection

by Nick Gamis and Dr. M A Baset

Publisher: Nick Gamis

Product Description:

Coronaviruses are novel scientific literature that captures the behavior of member viruses of the viral family Coronaviridae and the novel COVID-19, which has caused the most significant global health pandemic in the last twenty years. Written in an easy-to-comprehend format great work has been done to clarify scientific terms, as well as provide all the public health information you will need about the Covid 19.

The book also went further to state all the necessary information one needs to arm themself within this time of the pandemic; Giving the general public tips and tricks to survive the period in good health and to come out of it all at the end.

The book explains the A-Z of the SARS COV- 2 in an interesting manner; explain the statistics, infected cases, death as a result of the Covid 19 virus and potential cure for the disease.

How is this book different?

This book brings together all you need to know about the Covid 19 pandemic in one simple to understand literature. It is a compilation of researches done and facts presented.

A quick summary

  • A complete overview of the coronavirus
  • How humans get infected
  • How the virus develops in the body
  • What makes this virus different
  • What to expect if you have the virus
  • How you can take preventive measures against the virus


About The Authors


Nick Gamis


Nick Gamis is a poet, writer, and author of HOW TO TALK TO YOUR CHILD SO THEY WILL LISTEN AND LEARN: Helping Your Child Grow into Success in Life. A self-made writer and a freelancer, Nick have spent the last decade reading and writing about health and parenting. He enjoys playing badminton and spending time with kids.


Dr. M A Baset


Dr. M A Baset is a specialist physician who has completed his MBBS from Sir Salimullah Medical College, Dhaka and achieved FCPS degree in Internal Medicine from Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons. He has the number of original articles published in international journals. He is currently serving the Govt. of Bangladesh as a Consultant (medicine) under the ministry of health and family welfare.

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