Love Reincarnate

by Mark Bertrand

Product Description:

     When it comes to implanting hardware and augmenting human capabilities, Cyborgs hold several thousand years of experience. So now there's a new DNA altering serum? The serum removes anger from the human DNA helix. You may want to step back quickly and duck for this one. They talked 44 people into testing the serum. Then the Cyborgs put those 44 on a spaceship and sent them to a planet as an experiment. You know, to see if they would thrive if they can survive.


     The planet is purposefully set up with limited technology. The 44 will be farmers living similar to conditions in 1930's Earth. Except there's no gasoline. They have fusion power and self-driving carts. Who set up the planet? I'll give you three guesses. And by the way, those 44 people were all scientists. You know, like the foremost scientists in physics, botany, pharmaceutical, medical science, mathematics, and such. Yeah!


     Push comes to shove, and you have to agree the Cyborgs have a single mission: The First Priority. It's an unwavering quest, and Cyborgs will stop at nothing to fulfill the aspiration.


     The First Priority they seek relies on two old souls from thousands of years in the past, cheated of their love for each other. Back then, they sacrificed their happiness for a higher calling. In this new era where humans inhabit multiple planets, the two lovers reincarnate. But, unfortunately, they are forced to be wedded by a caste system, and they get off to a rocky start.


     However, it's not love and happiness that threaten their long-awaited unrealized past. They and the other hand-picked inhabitants sent to live on Planet 444 are part of an experiment that places their lives against the worst enemy of humanity. Our propensity for anger. 


     Cyborgs envision a universe free of humanity. Not by some devastating existential catastrophic event. Instead, the fulfillment of the promise as provided in ancient texts from Tantric Yogis and the Buddhas.


     Success for the Cyborg experiment will transcend the population of Planet 444 to a nirvana existence where they are free of human suffering. Failure will condemn them to repeat the wars and hellish conditions everyone seeks to escape through space explorations.  In either case; success or failure, the Cyborgs will have to optimize. Failure will require an improved serum. Success requires a plan to accelerate success everywhere.


     Spiritual awareness starts here. Read for yourself and become knowledgeable and wise without placing your existing principles and bias on humanity. Experience a future civilization where meditation and spiritual practice produce the objective of nothingness. The story's intention isn't to show you how spirituality can make your life more pleasant, happier, and less stressed. After all, Buddhism aims not to find anything.


     The notion of advanced robots with human-like intelligence dates back at least to Samuel Butler's 1872 novel Erewhon. However, in today's modern era, most people are less inclined to expect ASI to rise in robot form and more willing to envision a merger of AI and Biology where people and technology become one. As a result, the story is not theoretical or visionary and doesn't argue a predictive role of ASI in some future sci-fi realism. Instead, the role of ASI is evident but buried in the workings of the city, self-driving vehicles, and fusion power that hardcore sci-fi diehards might expect.