Earth's Survivors Watertown

Earth's Survivors, #5

by A L Sweet & Dell Sweet

Publisher: NetReadz

Product Description:

(Adult Language)

She was bored when it came right down to it, and she was curious about the girl. What was it that drew her to her? She knew that curiosity was against her own rules: That she was becoming obsessed or something. She also knew that she should find other things to do to pass the time, lie low as she was supposed to do: As Ben had told her to do, but she couldn't help it. Something about the girl had caught her attention and held it. Something she could not let go of.

She watched her still, dropping back far enough so she could light a cigarette and not be seen. She lost track of her as she smoked, but it was no real consequence, she would find her again. She took a deep breath, sucked smoke into her lungs and only barely got turned around when she heard a noise behind her.

"Now who the fuck are you," The girl asked, "And why have you been following me?" The question was rhetorical. An aluminum bat hit the side of Nikki's head hard, and she found herself looking at the leaves on the floor of the woods a few seconds later. The leaves were cool, moist; they felt good against her cheek. Something trickled out of her hairline and into her eye. Sweat? Blood? The world went hazy and then winked out for a second.

The world came back: A second blow was coming down; she saw the bat blurring as it descended. She rolled, barely missing it.

The swing had thrown the girl off balance and she stumbled forward and crashed to the ground. Nikki was on her a second later. Her head throbbing, a knife at the girl's throat. The girl was breathing hard, making little murmuring noises in her throat.

"Don't... Don't... Please don't"

"Are you fucking kidding me? You tried to kill me," Nikki told her. She pulled the knife back and then poked it at her throat, causing a little well of blood to form and trickle away from the point. "You are gonna tell me all about you; all about you." She settled her weight onto the girls' chest, rocked back a little and waited.