Earth's Survivors World Order

Earth's Survivors, #6

by A L Sweet & Dell Sweet

Publisher: NetReadz

Product Description:

The Parking Lot:

The old Chevy began to rock on its springs, lunging first right and then left. It took a harder lunge to the right and then jumped forward and slammed head on into the side of the building.

"Fuck, Calvin. Fuck," the woman driver screamed. She held a rifle with a long banana clip that slammed into the ceiling. Her finger squeezed the trigger tightly for just a brief second and spat a burst of bright white light and noise, a jagged hole appeared in the roof of the car.

"Bitch! What the fuck?" Calvin screamed as he tried to roll with the shaking car, hanging onto the dashboard. The three in the back added their own comments and in a second the entire car erupted in to cursing and yelling. The ground movement tossed the car once more, picking it up and slamming it sideways into a truck that had slid over three spaces. The screech of grinding metal and breaking glass silenced the screams and yells from the car. The car bounced away from the truck, jiggled from side to side and then settled onto the ground, one tire flat, the nose bent upward.

"Get out... Get out of this motherfucker," the one called Calvin screamed. Bricks and pieces of concrete block began to tumble from the roof line as the main wall of the market bulged out and the false roof structure that fronted the store titled backwards and tumbled into the store space. A few of the huge glass windows that fronted the market cracked with loud audible clicks: Spider webs running like a bolts of lightning top to bottom, and shooting off to the sides. Huge walls of glass that were now held together only by the aluminum frames they rested in.

"Jesus... Jesus, those bitches will go... I know it," one of the men that had been in the back seat muttered as he tumbled from the car and staggered away. One tall window groaned, splinters of glass shooting out onto the sidewalk and the front passenger side of the car, and then collapsed in a small pile onto the concrete as if to prove him right. Screams surged out from inside the store, mixing with their own. A thick cloud of dust billowed out through the opening. The glass glittered like gemstones in the sparse light from the interior of the market.

"Out... Out!" Calvin yelled. A small section of brick bonded to concrete block fell over and crushed the nose of the car, pinning it to the ground. Steam erupted from the buried nose of the car and rose into the cold air, mixing with the dust as it did. Calvin skipped backwards, the hard heels of the combat boots he wore getting a good purchase on the asphalt. He fell backwards with the momentum, his hands splaying behind him, immediately cut on the glass and other debris that covered the asphalt. He wrenched himself forward and began to pluck at the pieces embedded in his palms. His eyes rose and swept across the others as his fingers worked. "Who? " he asked. His quick head count had come up short...