Twin Flame Union Guide

Twin Flame Union

by Silvia Moon


Product Description:

If you are a twin flame still confused about the difference between a Union and a Reunion, you are not alone in feeling this. You have to experience it to understand the difference. If you were not spiritual before your twin flame awakening, you wonder why a Twin Flame Union is associated with 5D Spiritual Experiences.

This book is here to enlighten you about the definitions of the popular terms associated with a Twin Flame Union: 3D and 5D.

In fact, how are these two terms connected to a Reunion and a Union? It is the ultimate guide for a Twin Flame Reunion you desperately seek because it helps you understand that you must heal in 5D to feel a harmonious Union and Oneness.

The 5D is the aspect of your journey you cannot touch:

A twin Flame Union happens in 5D. In the spiritual. It is more profound than what you comprehend as your everyday romantic relationships. It is the connection you feel within you.

This Book will answer some of the following questions.

What is the Twin Flame Spiritual Awakening?
How do you embrace the spiritual nature of your twin Flame experiences to stay in a perfect harmonious union?
How do dreams, telepathy, spiritual awakening, energy merging, the night of the soul, and chakra healing, advance your healing process?
How do you accelerate your twin Flame Union Spiritually and physically?
Is twin flame telepathic communication part of Twin Flame Union?
Why is 3D associated with a Twin Flame Reunion?
How can you merge your physical situation with the Spiritual nature of your twin flame journey?
How can you work on yourself to prepare for a Union?

The ultimate state of being for every twin flame is

to harmoniously merge your 3D with 5D to create a perfect Union.

I hope that my perspective helps you. Stay Blessed!