Married Twin Flames Guide

Married Twin Flames

by Silvia Moon


Product Description:

When your twin flame is married, it is frustrating. You try to deny what is going on; you go from one relationship to another because you need some distractions from the reality of what is. You cannot turn off the twin flame connection — there is no off-and-on switch even though you are going through the most dire situations. When your twin flame seems stuck in an unhappy relationship, you always have intense urges to save them. There is not much you can do but restrain yourself from intervening. I now understand that the twin flame journey is not a straight line. There are ups and downs. Highs and lows. Emotional valleys and mountains. I am here to help you choose from the start of your twin flame journey to commit to your decisions faithfully. Having faith means you believe whether things are going well or not. Choose to give your twin flame process a chance.


When you are married, there is always an element of emotional cheating when you are in direct communication with a twin flame even though you do not share the same physical space. You crave deep emotional soul-to-soul conversations. Having a twin flame also leaves your husband or wife jealous. Your karmic partner will block you from your twin flame. Your twin flame increases and amplifies your marital trust issues. Having them as best friends does not work. You go through the Twin Flame Spiritual Awakening process: You still spiritually grow and transcend your human ailments psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. You go through the accelerated spiritual awakening phase that sheds light on every corner of your soul.


Here are some questions to ask yourself as you enjoy reading this simple book.

  • How do you rediscover your authentic self?
  • How do you Surrender to self-love and Self-work processes?
  • If you are in an unhappy marriage, how do you overcome your obstacles?
  • What issues do you face when you meet a twin while you are still married?
  • How do you create meaningful changes in your life and those around you while you go through your twin flame journey?
  • Do you want a reunion with your twin flame?
  • How do you amicably resolve issues with your husband and wife if your marriage is toxic?

Your husband exists to teach various karmic lessons. When you meet a twin flame, you do not automatically free yourself to be with them. Everyone's experience is unique to each twin flame pair. Meeting a twin flame is not an excuse: to leave your unhappy marriage or relationship. It is also not your rebound. A twin flame shows up in your life to help you have a new perspective on approaching your marital issues. A divorce will not automatically happen — your husband or karmic partner will stay in your life if you share children and joint custody. So many unexpected changes sweep through your life.


If you are a married twin flame looking for a fresh perspective on your twin flame situation, here is an inspiration for a paradigm shift. It feels reassuring to know you are not struggling alone. When your twin flame is married while you are not, this book will give you insight into the experiences of your married divine partner. My goal is to help you figure out how to embrace meaningful changes in your life. To inspire you to work towards rediscovering your authentic self -- your best possible self.

I hope my perspective helps you. Stay Blessed!