Twin Flame Running vs Chasing

The Runner Twin Flame

by Silvia Moon

Product Description:

if it is a genuine twin flame connection, you both have a deeper understanding of your connection. You know that it is not your everyday romance. Whenever you chase a twin flame, you both go through an energy-purging process. The runner enjoys the chase because it triggers you to confront yourself to understand why feeling the connection scares you. The parties involved in the running and chasing phase don't view the situation objectively. There is no room for judging each other because you both don't know what came over you since you encountered each other. You don't believe you are a runner if you do not know what it is. You later on retrace your awakening process back to the beginning — to your twin flame to confront the situation. To heal, you must have closure. You cannot chase your twin flame away for good.

Stay Blessed!