The Runner Twin Flame

by Silvia Moon

Product Description:

Before I begin this simple book, I would like to ask every Twin Flame runner reading it to take a deep breath. Relax — this book is here to help you figure out how to return to your divine partner. I understand how confusing it is when you are trying to make sense of this Twin Flame journey.

I know how stressful it gets when you do not know how to stop the running and chasing cycle. For me, I denied being the runner at first. I thought that I had a choice in the matter. I was scared of labeling myself as the runner because of the negativity that most Twin Flames associate with it. I labeled myself as the chaser. The Twin Flame journey is divinely guided.

You learn that it does not matter if you label yourself as the chaser or the runner. You go through a series of changes that transform you from the inside to the outside. Not so much information is shared about the runner Twin Flame; the runner experiences are very challenging and complicated to put into perspective if you are running. With the mere fact that you feel an inner resistance to feeling the love connection, you try to deny the nature of your experiences.

Before you accept your Twin Flame experiences as a runner, you try to disguise how you feel in many exotic ways. You believe that you are smarter — you think that you can get away with escaping the love connection by blocking your partner. When I ran from my Twin Flame, I did very many embarrassing things to forget him. I wanted to stop feeling the connection. I masked the pain of missing him by trying to surround myself with as many people as I could. I still felt lonely. I felt a void within me. The more I tried to hide from my Twin Flame behind other people and meaningless relationships, the more I was reminded of him. I could not stop thinking of him. I used to tell myself that at some point the connection would fade.

I found comfort in the thought that his absence would make me forget him. There were days when I blocked thoughts of him. I would consciously divert my thoughts away from him. It did not last long — I would switch back to thinking of him without realizing it. Apart from feeling connected to my Twin Flame to infinity, I dream of him in some form. Even though a dream is unrelated to him, I feel his energy with me while I sleep. A part of him is in me as much as a part of me is with him.

In this book, I would like to share with you my honest perspective of being the runner in Twin Flame relationships. Even though you are the Chaser, when you have a real perspective of the runner after reading this book, you will grow more empathy for your divine lover. You seek forgiveness — you focus on helping each other heal instead of having judgment and criticism.

When love is real, your hearts are always summoning each other for a reunion. You feel the magnetism. You feel the oneness. You know deep within you that you are loved by someone out there. Your heart is always signaling you through vibrations — you are always in each other's minds.

Instead of running from unconditional love, I would like to use this simple book to guide you back home — to your Twin Flame. I hope to help you confront your fears; to accept the overwhelming uncomfortable feelings. I also share tips on how I learned to embrace vulnerable feelings. I felt exposed to my Twin Flame and disarmed.

Your life will never be the same again. Enjoy this simple book.