Understanding Twin Flame Separation

Twin Flame Separation

by Silvia Moon

Product Description:

I know this feeling. Every twin flame who has been through some form of physical disconnection from a twin flame understands how excruciating it can be when you are stuck in the motions of crushing despair and emotional desolation. It is endless agony — you also are surprised by the intensity of your feelings. You did not realize how weak you get in the absence of your other half. It is not craving for sexual intimacy. Neither is it the physical absence or a twin flame that hurts. No, it is the Vacuum you feel within. It feels like half of yourself is missing yet you feel attached to every essence of their energy.


I have learned that in order to find inner peace and harmony, you must figure out ways to reconcile the Soul Oneness you feel with the physical absence of him or her. It means trusting the connection you feel and also acknowledging the blessings of your twin flame awakening. You embrace your spiritual growth lessons. Busk in your newfound energetic oneness. Work with your spiritual awakening process.


Focusing on learning to stay happy without the influence of your twin flame will first empower you to find the inner strength to overcome your inner obstacles. You will also figure out ways to create happiness in your own way in your little corner of the world. Do not underestimate your inner strength because you are the answer to figuring out the solutions. You cannot create profound changes in your life if you do not know the source of your power. This is why embracing your self-love journey helps you to ground yourself in your authenticity. It means accepting to travel back within yourself to figure out whatever is not working. It means confronting your pain and core wounding.


Are you struggling with the motions of twin flame separation pain? Here is your Beginner Guide. I hope my perspective in this book helps you. Stay Blessed!