Twin Flame Runner Love Lessons

The Runner Twin Flame

by Silvia Moon

Product Description:

The more I try to explain my twin flame experiences, the more I learn about myself: It is an ongoing self-rediscovery process. It is a learning journey you take within yourself. Understanding the twin flame connection is when you already are experiencing it because all twin flames know that you end up sounding delusional or crazy to anybody who is a non-twin flame. Another lesson I have learned is that it does not matter who contests your experiences: Being a twin flame benefits you. You experience everything within you. You are yourself — the twin flame journey is a battle that you have to win within yourself. You take a sacred journey within yourself to heal your inner child. You go through a spiritual awakening phase that brings you enlightenment. You suddenly are inspired to become the person of your dreams. You surrender to self-love to rediscover your authenticity. The twin flame awakening process is a new chance at creating a meaningful life. You crave to find meaning in your existence.

It all starts with a twin flame walking into your life like they already belonged there. You feel disarmed by their existence that you surrender in every way possible. If you feel broken within, the encounter alone is healing enough to integrate every piece of yourself. It is like looking in the mirror — they show you your perfect self. The person that you must be. Your authentic self. On the other hand, a twin flame also shows you your darkest fears. You know you have to confront all the demons you have been hiding from within.

If you have unconfronted pain — accumulated past pain that you shoved away. Trauma that you keep postponing healing. The negative energy you suppress and a suffering inner child, a twin flame brings it all to the surface to heal. It is up to you to open yourself up and embrace your Spiritual healing process or else you suffer due to inner resistance to what is.

All I know is that you cannot choose your twin flame the same way you have no decision about who your mother is. It is a natural divine connection that speaks to the depth of your soul. You know you have always known a twin flame even though you are strangers. When you look into each other's eyes, you see them. You see their Soul. You unconditionally accept each other when you meet during the strangest dire circumstances. You are each other. It feels like having an eternal best friend. When you meet a twin flame, you feel set within. You know the search is over even though you didn't know you were looking. You finally arrive home — you feel blessed to know that feeling of safety and oneness within. It is you two against the world.

I hope my perspective helps you. Stay Blessed!