Twin Flame Chaser Bliss

Chaser Twin Flame

by Silvia Moon

Product Description:

This book is a dedication to every twin flame who is well acquainted with the stress of chasing a twin flame. Treat this as your guide to help you progress further on your journey.


The tips in this book come in five different blocks. These blocks represent the most significant areas that a chaser twin flame struggles with. You will learn the following:


How to stop chasing — every twin flame who has chased before will tell you that it is not fun at all chasing a twin flame. You feel constantly restless. You also feel lost and obsessive. This pushes your twin flame further away. So, whatever you do, surrender. Let the universe guide. Also, trust your inner knowing.
How to stay hopeful no matter how tough the going gets -- There is a difference between wishing for a reunion and staying optimistic as you work towards your goals or desires. I always say that it is either all or nothing. You either believe in your reunion or you don't. You can't have it both ways.

Choosing between a twin flame and karmic relationships — If you know there is a chance to be with your twin flame in the future, just don't dangle your temporary relationships in your twin flame's face. It can be somewhat discouraging when you know that your twin flame seems happy in a karmic relationship. Even though it's terrifying to move on, you force yourself because no one likes being stuck on the sidelines.
Balancing social media with the twin flame journey — events on social media do not happen in real-time. You will sometimes feel angry, jealous, frustrated, and discouraged if you stalk your twin flame's social media because they seem happy without you. You will feel trapped in your feelings. You will sometimes wish you had never met him or her. Sometimes it amplifies your obsessive behaviors of chasing.

Working on yourself— you have to embrace the changes that are triggered in life with an open heart. Accept the lessons that you go through so that you can grow. Living as your authentic self is the epitome of happiness. It is total inner freedom. You begin to understand your purpose and the meaning of your existence. There is no way around self-love and self-rediscovery. You must allow yourself to go through every experience.

By the end of this book, you will have already made progress with yourself because it is designed to work with you as you read it.

I wish you more blessings and love on your journey. Stay blessed!