Subject 5691: Petri

Edgeworld Chronicles, #1

by Elaina Roberts

Product Description:

Created in a laboratory.

Trained to be the perfect soldier.

He has no name, no past, and no future.

He is Subject 5691. One of thousands such experiments… and the only one who lived.Now he's free.


Grokhaar Xandria is an edgeworlder: a native from a world hovering just outside Alliance control.

He's an independent trader, a rogue, a scavenger, and a smuggler who longs for someone to share the skies, his bed, and his heart.


In a desperate bid for freedom, the experiment forces his way onto the Den'Lastrian Diamond and into Grokhaar's life. As they fight their way across the galaxies, Subject 5691 must carve out his own identity, escape from the scientists who created him, and discover if a genetically created being has the capacity for love.