I Must Have Wandered: An Adopted Air Force Daughter Recalls

by Mary Ellen Gambutti

Product Description:

Travel across the years in this inspiring and lyrical collage memoir. In post-WWII South Carolina, chance and choice connected a childless Air Force couple with an abandoned baby girl. Seventy years on, she framed a deeply personal narrative in vignettes, poetic prose, and original correspondence, reflecting on maternal severance, the injustice of sealed birth records, and the ills of secrecy. Documenting her family transfers, she has connected her growing anxiety and vigilance in the turbulent 1960s to primal separation, and the encultured discipline of her father's Intelligence career. At forty, she realized the need to know her origins. With help from adoptee advocates, she launched the search for her natural mother. DNA testing set her on a parallel journey of self-discovery decades later, and she began to reconcile her adopted and biological identity and her true heritage.