The Pleasure Seeker

by Robyn Michaels

Product Description:

Dayal Singh is brilliant, quirky, and has Asperger's. The child of parents trafficked to Africa from India after independence, he knows he's Sikh and that calculus is the evidence of God.

Having fallen in love with the granddaughter of the man who bought his father, she tells him he is too young and that he must stay in school as long as he has a scholarship. He starts school in Singapore, but is offered a better opportunity in Switzerland, where he is surprised at becoming the object of proselytization—which he finds irritating.

He meets fellow music lovers, they form a group, The Pleasure Seekers, and suddenly they are famous. Dayal wants a lover, and agrees to meet Sita, the daughter of a man his father met. He tells her right from the start that if they have children, he wants them raised Sikh, and she agrees. However, Sita is not totally honest. When Dayal discovers she's been lying to him, he must make a decision to protect his kids from succumbing to an overwhelming Christian ethos. This was a serious problem—and the story may offend devout Christians. There is also erotic content.