What a Feeling

by Candy Caine

Product Description:

                                                                                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS


ACCIDENTAL LOVE: Holly Davidson is hammering out the final details with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Jeff, one possession at a time. Leaving her lawyer's office, she's caught in a monsoon and falls as she runs to her car, breaking her ankle. One of the EMTs transporting her to the hos-

pital takes an interest in her, but Holly doesn't want another man in her life so soon. But will she let the handsome EMT merely walk away out of her life forever?

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Jerry Blaine convinces his wife, Stacy, to join an exclusive, invitation-only swingers' club with the intent of making their sex life even better. Participation at the club revs up their sex life, but with a surprise, neither Jerry nor Stacy is prepared for.

THE BLIND DATE: All blind dates are losers, Carla Harris thinks until she has a fellow librarian, Melanie Gould, go on a blind date in her place. When Melanie tells her that the guy she met was handsome and charming, Carla wonders if she missed out on the date of her life and decides to check the guy out.

A RIGHT WRONG NUMBER: A stranger leaves a message to another woman on Danielle

Grant's answering machine. Feeling bad that the woman won't get the message and will ruin the guy's plans, she calls the number where he will be to let him know that Debbie didn't get the message, figuring that's the last she'll hear of him.

A STRANGER IN THE NIGHT: When Chandelle Lowery ignores her apprehension and allows a rain-soaked stranger into her home to use her phone, she discovers it's a life-savior for them both.