Prophecy of Peace

Mysteries of the Oracle, #1

by Tom Goymour

Publisher: Verbum Publications

Product Description:

A dark and gripping tale that has taken a century to unravel until now - one October evening, 2015 . . . 

. . . Billy Sheppardy and Michael Frey have known each other since childhood, they’ve done many things together and shared many secrets. What they don’t know is why they find themselves on a trail of mystery and intrigue that leads them to a murky field in a bleak corner of Essex, England on this cold autumnal evening.

As they reminisce, recalling their strong memories from the past, events seem to lead them towards something beyond their understanding, but who else is on the trail? 

The hidden estoric wisdom must be understood if they are to avoid the looming danger that is closing in around them, then, pieces of the past will be uncovered and fall into place. 

But, what is the significance of the wallet that Billy’s Grandad found as a small boy back in 1944? 

And what happened ten decades ago that has shaped present events to become so important?