Cry, of Oppressed Women

by ann chin

Product Description:

In this book, CRY of Oppressed Women, I write various forms of oppression. I show the true me. I am a radical feminist activist. I am active in environmental issues, in Sands for grieving parents, Charity for Kenya and so on. In writing this book, I give a voice to women belittled, violated, oppressed and battered by men. I conclude with strong words. Pornography degrades women. It is banal, inane and downright disgusting. I HATE pornography!! I hate all degradation of women in any form. I abhor the exploitation of young girls and older women at the hands of manipulative men. I appal sexualisation of little girls, including padded frilly swimwear. I am disgusted at what it does to the girls’ mind making them become anorexic and bulimic. 
This is a work of fiction with very real scenarios. It is a figment of imagination of the author.