Her Client Trilogy

Her Client Trilogy, #4

by Richard Verry

Product Description:

When you read this story, you will meet Jolene, an attractive account executive. On one busy day, she is unable to personally return timely calls to a few of her clients. Leaving the office exhausted, she vows to call them back first thing in the morning. One of these clients is livid.

What happens is the incredible and brutal response. Follow Jolene as she suffers unimaginable and inconceivable acts of violence and brutality because a phone call. Lose yourself in Jolene's torment and share her sickening agony. When you read her story, you'll cry for her and scream as she does in this gripping, horrifying story.

When you finish this story, you'll wonder if this really could happen to anyone. Could it even happen to you?

Appropriate for readers 18+.