Shadowed Inheritance

Consortium Origin Tales

by Richard Verry

Product Description:

With the Consortium, no one is safe from their favorite hunting grounds. The trouble is that it includes the entire globe; no one can hide when they select their next target. Will that be you or one of your loved ones?


However, it didn't just happen overnight. The Consortium is a century-old organization hellbent on giving its members what they want to do as they please, regardless of the cost. They want prey, or rather, people of various colors, races, sexes, and nationalities. Anyone who falls into their web gets consumed by the brutal rules of man.


Shadowed Inheritance tells the tale of how Raven and her brother grew up in such a household. Their parents, Genevieve and her husband raised their children to take over one day.


From preadolescence to her mid-twenties, Raven tells the bulk of her family's story, putting the siblings on the path to control the world's murderous organization.

Raven describes her mum as a sweet, kind soul who, while ignorant of the details of her husband's activities, is the family's matriarch. She establishes etiquette guidelines and entertains friends and colleagues for dinner parties. She submits to her husband in private playtime, calling him 'Master' while they enjoy their time together. Outside the home, friends and acquaintances recognize her as a giving soul, ready to help whenever necessary.

As a child, Raven had little love for her younger brother. As they grew, her mum instilled a sense of responsibility to watch over her son. He was quiet, moody, and extremely talented. Despite her ability to read others, Raven had difficulty reading her brother. What she knew as they grew into adulthood was that they were two peas in a pod.


However, with her father, Raven recognized an air of mystery about him, a darkness that mimicked her own. Ever curious about what he did, she'd pester him with questions and sneak about to watch her parent's pleasures in the bedroom. What she observed profoundly impacted her life, affirming that her feelings were normal.


The novel is a fast-paced story that keeps readers begging for more. The characters are well-developed, capturing the gritty edges of a black soul. Overall, it is an exciting and suspenseful novel that will keep the reader engaged right to the end.