Someone Has to Die

Peace Trilogy, #1

by Jim Baton

Product Description:

     As the only Christian family in a rough Muslim neighborhood, Sari and her mother, Kris, are used to being persecuted and ignored. But when Kris gets a surprise invitation to the neighborhood women’s meeting, and then Sari’s neighbor and high school classmate, Bali, wants to date her, hope springs up that at last they’ll be accepted.
     Then someone sets fire to their church. A terrorist recruiter comes looking for a volunteer suicide bomber. Suddenly Sari’s family is caught up in stopping an international terror plot to assassinate a visiting American congressman.  
     This intense thriller will introduce you to the Muslim-Christian tension in Indonesia, but more importantly, explore the roots of this conflict back to Abraham’s broken family. You’ll discover how ordinary people can choose extremism or choose to become extraordinary peacemakers.

     "Hatred, persecution, fear, terrorism--just daily life for millions around the world. This book takes us through it all to the other side, to the hope for peace. I highly recommend it for peace-lovers everywhere."
     U.S. Congressman Mark Siljander (ret),  author of A Deadly Misunderstanding