Queen of Diamonds

The Tale of El'Anret, #1

by Melody Klink

Publisher: Bard Girl Press

Product Description:

There are some days in life that change the way you are, forever. That One Day Where All Things Are Undone. For Hazel Leigh Mac Tíre, that day was the day she found the mound in her backyard. It began as small as a mole’s hill, growing and growing as the hours ticked by, until a hole that spanned three feet wide sat against an open mouth of dirt. 

The stories always warned to stay away from Faerie mounds. Leigh did not always listen. 

What waited inside? A sadistic, renegade Queen with a stolen crown. A tortured Prince. An entire Faerie world in need of saving. And, thanks to the Fae fires that marked her, Leigh was their new and rightful Queen. She must separate fact and fairy tale in order to survive the realm of El'Anret. Can she save a world she wasn't made for?

QUEEN OF DIAMONDS is the first novella in the TALES OF EL'ANRET trilogy, the newest series by Young Adult author Melody Klink.