Tears of Innocence

Abridged Memoir, #1

by T. R. Robinson

Product Description:

No matter who you are or what you are experiencing, you can overcome and survive.


In this true account you will first encounter the five year old girl who suffers a loss that has a massive impact upon the rest of her life.


Subsequently, her innocence, loving nature, and incredible naivety combined with her natural beauty are taken advantage of by both family and strangers.


Fighting her way free she manages to escape their clutches but only to fall into the hands of an occupying force who torture and violate her and leave her for dead.


Ultimately, after many hardships, she is restored to her relatives through whom she meets a foreign national. Domestic violence leading to attempted suicide, near insanity, and the contemplation of murder follow.


How can she survive all this? Click the BUY NOW button to enter her world and see if she does.