Vanessa Kanombe's Husband's Dream

by Jean Baptiste Rufatabahizi

Product Description:

Vanessa Kanombe is a wonderful young lady who is in conflict with her adulterous husband Simon Gato, her divinely graceful younger sister Dalida Kanyange, her husband’s divinely attractive secretary Sandrina Uwambayinzobe and different marvelous lovers.

Unknown to her husband, Vanessa Kanombe is shocked when she hears her husband dreaming of his attractive secretary Sandrina. She keeps the dream unknown to him. She decides to make investigation through her husband’s employees to know the truth.

When Sandrina unexpectedly comes to know that Vanessa is making investigation about her, she gets angry and begins to seduce her employer and eventually becomes his mistress, eager to marry him.

Vanessa asks her husband to sack Sandrina in vain. As a result, she becomes more and more aggressive at home. She then refuses twice to make love with her husband when he wants him  most to punish him. When her husband refuses to make love to her the very moment Vanessa is burning with desire, she gets angry and abandons her husband for a moment and leaves for her grandparents’ home where she enjoys love affairs with different lovers. During his wife’s absence, Simon makes love to his sister-in-law Dalida, his secretary Sandrina and his neighbor Alice.

When Vanessa is back home, her husband unexpectedly gets and reads his wife’s letter inviting one of  her lovers to meet once again. As a result, Simon punishes his wife through bodily separation for one month.

Meanwhile, Sandrina asks her boss Simon to divorce his adulterous wife and marry her. Dalida advises him to forget Sandrina and marry her instead if he has to divorce his wife.

Eager to marry Simon at any cost, Sandrina tries but fails to kill both Vanessa and Dalida through poison.

Simon eventually forgives his wife and sacks Sandrina. Betrayed, Sandrina hangs herself. Dalida goes back to study at university two days after Sandrina’s funeral.