The Sassy Submissive

Stronghold Doms, #1

by Golden Angel

Product Description:

A Dom with trust issues and a submissive pretending to be something she's not... what could possibly go wrong?


After years of reading hot books but never doing, Angel is finally ready to explore her fantasies in real life. The only problem? She'll have to learn the ropes at a local BDSM club all alone. Adopting a false Domme persona, Angel goes a little farther afield to dip her toes into the water of BDSM; with the local club Stronghold being her eventual goal when she's ready to take the plunge as a submissive. But there's an unexpected complication:  on her first night at Chained, the club where she's chosen to get her feet wet, she finds herself irresistibly attracted to one of the true Doms. 


Master Adam's looking for a submissive, not another dominant. When his path crosses with "Angela's" at Chained, he's disappointed when she introduces herself as 'Mistress'. It's a perfectly ordinary encounter, but days later Adam still can't get "Angela" out of his head. 


And when the two reconnect at Stronghold without any pretense, their first scene together is nothing less than explosive. 


Not for the faint of heart, The Sassy Submissive contains scorching hot scenes for mature adults ready to play. The Stronghold Series is a spin-off from Golden Angel's much-loved Venus Rising Quartet, but it is not necessary to read the Quartet in order to enjoy the Stronghold books. The Sassy Submissive, book one in The Stronghold Doms Series, may also be read an enjoyed as a standalone.