Strongbow's Wife

by Frank Parker

Product Description:

Promised in marriage to the man who led the Norman invasion of Ireland, what were her thoughts as she approached the altar in a city sacked by her future husband?


The activities of Strongbow, and the other Cambro-Normans who took part in the occupation of Ireland in the twelfth century, have been written about extensively. Of Aoife we know only that she accompanied her father on his year long search for assistance; that, when Strongbow eventually arrived, the marriage took place days after a massacre in Waterford.


This account of those events is presented through her eyes. First as a teenager trying to understand the politics behind her father's downfall. Then as a young wife caught up in the rivalry between her husband and the other leaders of the invading army. Finally, as a widowed mother worried about her children and the future of her native land.


Revised and updated to take account of recent archaeological discoveries, this new edition is released to mark the 850th anniversary of the wedding.


"Like having history come alive . . . one of those hidden gems just needing to be read!" Dianne at Tome Tender book blog.


"Thoughtful phrasing and descriptions" Author Jennifer Young on her blog, Reading, Writing, Wandering


"An interesting and thought-provoking take on a tumultuous episode in Anglo-Irish history" Fiona Mayes at


"Joins the likes of Ian McEwan and D.H. Lawrence, in telling a great story from a female viewpoint." Janet Cameron, Author of The Minx, about a lady in waiting in Edward II's court.