Decisive Darkness: Part Two - Coronet

Decisive Darkness, #2

by Paul Hynes

Publisher: Sea Lion Press

Product Description:

The year is 1946 and despite the nightmarish sacrifices of the American invasion, Japan remains a battlefield.

The leadership of the fanatical junta which ignored the Emperor's wishes to end the war has been beheaded yet those who have survived remain just as resolute in their ultimate goal, to fight to the last Japanese subject and take as much of the rest of the world with them.

In the second and final part of the Decisive Darkness series, Coronet, Paul Hynes details the apocalyptic struggle that the world came so close to in our own time. The fanaticism of the junta is equally matched by the Allies desperation to end the war as quickly and as cleanly as possible in the wake of the mass slaughter portrayed in the series' previous work, Majestic.

As the Allied commanders prepare for the final strike against the heart of Japan, the capital city of Tokyo, they will learn history's most horrific lesson.

An enemy with nothing to lose is the most dangerous one of all.