The End and Afterwards

The End and Afterwards, #1

by Andy Cooke

Publisher: Sea Lion Press

Product Description:

It took three things to bring about the End of the World:

  • A space drive that was to open the stars to humanity.
  • Exiled Warlords willing to blackmail the world to restore their tyranny.
  • Their intended victims, desperate to avoid them.

But even though the Earth might be doomed, Hope could still survive.

Pip Allen was desperate to go to the stars after he graduated.

Charlie Jennings was seeking a new life and meaning.

Joe Mbutu was striving to protect his people from the callous Warlords.

Corbin Anders was trying to prevent what he saw as an abomination.

The Endeavour would tie their stories together at the End of the World… and afterwards.

Sea Lion Press' first 'future history' brings the vivid and frightening world of acclaimed author Andy Cooke (The Fifth Lectern) to life.