The King Shall Have His Own Again

The House of Stuart Sequence, #2

by George Kearton

Publisher: Sea Lion Press

Product Description:

It is January 1st, 1746.

The victorious Jacobite armies, led by Prince Charles Edward Stuart, are entering London.

George II has been forced into exile in Hanover and James Stuart will shortly be crowned as King James III.

"The King Shall Have His Own Again" tells the story of a restored Stuart monarchy up to the year 1800 and how history, as we know it, could have changed.

From French India to Drumossie Moor, from Australia to the Caribbean, from Yorktown to Malta and across a Europe totally changed by The Stuart Doctrine the world is turned upside down. Slavery, Free Trade and Revolutionary politics all come into focus in very different ways.

"The King Shall Have His Own Again" is volume two in "The House of Stuart Sequence"; a six-volume series of alternative history covering the years 1745 to 1900.