Of Gold & Blood - Series 1 Books 1-3

by Jenny Wheeler

Publisher: Happy Families Ltd

Product Description:

1000 pages of heart-wrenching romance and pulse-pounding suspense

In the treacherous world of 1860s California, can three indomitable women navigate a web of mystery, murder, and forbidden desire to find love and redemption?


California, 1868. Graysie Castellanos, Pania Hayes, and Isabella Wilmington, each haunted by their own painful pasts, find themselves drawn into a tangled web of mystery and murder.

Enter the Russell brothers: Nathan, the handsome Aussie adventurer with a heart of gold; John, the enigmatic businessman grappling with his own demons; and Sebastian, the rugged Union vet haunted by the ghosts of war.

Bound by the unbreakable ties of family and a shared desire for justice, they find themselves irresistibly drawn to the determined women who have captured their hearts.

As the stakes grow higher with each passing day, they risk everything to unravel the secrets that threaten to tear them apart.

And as the women battle corrupt forces and confront their deepest fears, they must learn to trust in the strength of the steadfast men who stand by their sides.

The Of Gold & Blood bundle features the first three books in this captivating historical mystery series. If you like strong heroines, complex characters, and romance that defies the odds, then you'll love Jenny Wheeler's enthralling tales of courage, passion, and suspense.

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