The Lore of Lauder - Book One - Discovering the Lies

The Lore of Lauder, #1

by Ann Parker Burgess or Parker Burgess

Product Description:

Those that control the money, control the world. Dark Lords of Satan rule over mankind without their knowledge. They are behind every war, every new greed and every dark desire entering the hearts of the world powers. They whisper in the ears of the leaders and law makers and feed upon their greed as they multiply their own wealth.

Living behind the myth of vampires, these men and the demons that control them have lived upon the earth for thousands of years, taking and destroying for their own gains. Their numbers once many had been reduced through wars, murderous jealousies and suicides. Though there were nine, only seven were in control.

One of these, Paul Lauder, the youngest, had been brought into this dark world through the deceit and lies of his peers. He rose to power over the Western World. He was behind every step in the birth of America, from the beginning of the Revolution to its spiraling downfall. He created the world banking systems and what came to be known as the Federal Reserve. He was every conspiracy, the "skull and crossbones" many vowed to, and the socialist agendas which plagued the world. His mind was so brilliant, his peers began to turn to him for ideas and ways to increase their own wealth.

He wasn't always this man of iniquity. He had once a life of hope.

Born and raised in the Highlands of Scotland, he lived the life of a shepherd. He knew of the Lord William Naismythe that ruled over his village and the people living there. He didn't know the truth about this man, as many in village did. The discovery of what William Naismythe was would come all too late.

Paul married his childhood sweetheart, Kathrine McInnis. He had hopes of having a family and no other desires than to live out his life as a shepherd. He was happy. He and his wife tried unsuccessfully to have children. She miscarried, or had infants who couldn't live past the first week. He wouldn't give up hope.

On April, 1746, his life would change forever. Only twenty years old, he was forced by Lord William to join Prince Charles Stuart at Culloden. Here a decisive battle was fought. It ended well for Britain but was a disaster for the Scottish Highlanders and the prince with poor judgment.

Young Paul was wounded and sure to die, but William found him. With the help Lord Henry Clouitier, the dark lord of France, William managed to save him. They bound his wounds and carried him to safety. It took months and much care to bring him back from the brink of death.

Paul was told his village had been destroyed and the people living there, including his family, had all been murdered at the hands of a cruel British Army.

Months later after his wounds healed; he was brought into the world of the darkness in a ceremony of blood. The changes that took place in him would keep him young till the end of time as the world would know it. He became a murderer but so much more.

He would in his later years from loneliness bring two others into his dark world. First came his friend Thomas and later the love of his life, Maggie. Their loyalty and love kept him from losing his sanity.

The year was 1998.

He stumbled upon a website one evening that threw his world into chaos and his life into despair. He had family. He had a family that he never knew existed and they were in search of him.

He knew he should leave well enough alone, but he had to know more. He began chatting with them and soon found himself involved in their lives.

They told him of several diaries or journals. These journals had been written by the wife he had thought had died so long ago. They opened up a journey to his past. One that couldn't be closed.

This is the beginning of a series titled The Lore of Lauder.