Across the Stonewind Sky

Stonewind Sky, #1

by Ged Maybury

Product Description:

Jilted at the altar and determinedly British about it, Rod Hoverrim embarks upon the adventure of a lifetime – following his nation's bravest (and oft-times stupidest) men 'Into the Storm's Domain'.

First hijacked, then attacked by sky-pirates (twice!) he is soon trapped by evil pirate queen "The Black Bitch". As he fights for the lives of her prisoners, their rancid airship crashes upon the Skyland of Vicaria – lair of idiot scientist Victor Vicario: well known for injecting his visitors with his latest (deadly) concoctions.

Knowing he's in desperate straits, Rod makes several hasty friendships ... and soon discovers this manic micro-world hides a veritable ship-ton of mysteries!