Belem Towers - Only Two Will Ever Know

Love Lost Series, #5

by Sidney St. James

Publisher: BeeBop Publishing Group

Product Description:

Do ghosts walk through walls or do they need a doorway open to allow them to pass from one room into another? But, wait, are there really such things as ghosts?

Sophia Knight, wife of two-time Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist, Johnathan Knight lays on her death bed. There is some terrible secret she has kept from her husband the entire time they've been married. Yet, her strength is getting weak from cancer. She lays in bed and stares out over the Pacific Ocean and watches the sun go down, wondering if it will be her last sunset she will ever see.

Lacey Robinson, her caretaker, has been with her since the day she and Johnathan were married. There's no doubt she loves the Nobel Prize-winning scientist to the end of the world, but losing her strength daily has convinced her she must tell her husband of this terrible secret she has hidden for so many years. Lacey tries to convince her she should tell him in person, but she decides a letter should be written and given to him only after her death.

There's only one catch. There are only two people who know of this secret, and that's Lacey Robinson and Mrs. Knight. As the room turned dark from the setting sun, Sophia asked Lacey to turn the lamp on by the bedside. While she does as instructed, Sophia reached over and in one large gulp, swallowed an entire bottle of pain medicine.

"My God, Mrs. Knight…why! I must run and fetch Doctor West!"

Sophia replies quickly. "No, my dear, you only need to lock the door and come back and sit by me. We have a letter to write."

"No, please, let me get the doctor." A cold hand closed around her heart.

"Sit down and write!" Death hung in the air like a suffocating blanket.

Mrs. Knight dictates the letter to Lacey and with her weak and trembling hand-signed the bottom. This letter is the beginning of the end for both Sophia and Lacey.

Before the old woman passed away, Lacey was made to swear on a Bible that she would not take the letter away from the house if she were to leave, but just before she swore on the Bible to give it to Johnathan, Mrs. Knight closed her eyes one last time.

What was the twenty-eight-year-old woman to do? She was petrified that if she didn't give the letter to Johnathan, the spirit of Mrs. Knight would come back and haunt her. She decided to run away but only after locking the letter in a small jewelry box and throwing away the key in a deep well next to the Catholic Church.

Twenty years passed…

Lacey Robinson returns to Belem Towers for the first time in two decades.

Abruptly, a chill rose up her spine, making her shiver. Something was in the room with her.  She could feel it. Lacey whipped around to hushed whispering that seemed to be spilling from the old wallpaper hanging from the walls. Was she going crazy? This couldn't be happening. "My God, this isn't real!" Yet, it felt nothing but real to Lacey Robinson.

A breath so hoarse and so faint echoed all around her, coming from the shadows in the corner of the room. Lacey slowly turned her head over her shoulder, and the whispering stopped. The air chilled to ice and her labored breathing became the only sound… they were hanging from the ceiling and the corners of the room and all over the hanging light fixture, crawling ever so slowly towards her, dark and brooding!