Starways, #1

by Alexis Glynn Latner

Publisher: Avendis Press

Product Description:

In a spinning city full of intrigue, romance, and dangerous games, the word for everything going wrong is witherspin.


Nia Courant is an interstellar lawyer. Years ago, on the other side of the stars, she made a disastrous decision.  It wrecked her life and ruined her career. She found work at a university in the space-station city called Wendis. But the university is a sheltered bubble in a strange culture built around an interstellar amusement park. She knows she's at a disadvantage in Wendis unless she learns how to play its games of chance and danger. What she doesn't know is that love can be a dangerous game too. 


Gyle Martan is an exile in Wendis. For him, the spinning city was an uncomfortable port in a deadly political storm. His façade as a University official conceals a mystery. The core of the mystery is something dark and dangerous. He knows his past will catch him if it can and destroy him if it does. But then he falls in love with Nia and begins to imagine something better than lonely exile. 


When everything starts going wrong around them in Wendis, Nia and Martan must cooperate with each other in a danger game they never expected. Now Nia is Martan's best  ally. Martan is Nia's best hope. Unfortunately, he may also be her worst nightmare.