Yathni's Travel to Kailash (Abridged)

Second Edition



Product Description:

Yathni's Travel to Kailash (Abridged Edition)


This book is an abridged edition of the main book titled 'Yathni's Travel to Kailash'. This is a story based on Hindu mythology and is a mixture of facts and fiction. Yathni is a little girl studying in Fifth Grade and she is a devotee of Lord Ganesha. Ganesha takes her on an excursion to the legendary mountain of Kailash. How was this excursion, what are the things which she saw and how was her meeting with Lord Shiva. These are the things covered in the story.


The main book titled 'Yathni's Travel to Kailash' was published in the year 2012. While giving a number of anecdotes from Hindu mythology, the story takes one to the North Pole, the Moon and the outer space and beyond. In this process matters of educational interest like climate change, bio-diversity, space science etc have been dealt with. These are given with colourful illustrations.