Fairest Betrayals

by Kali Willows

Publisher: Kinderd Productions

Product Description:

Welcome to a retelling of the classic Grimm tale of The Pink. "Father, will you see the maiden who brought me up so tenderly, and who was afterwards to murder me, but did not do it?"

The Witch trials are over, but the witch hunters still rule Salem with an iron fist. Men and women fear the smallest whisper of magic, yet sometimes magic is the only way to have a baby. No child, however, born of the same can ever be accepted in such a place.

Jasper Woodman was stolen from his sleeping mother's arms. For years, he was raised begrudgingly by a man who clearly despised him yet shared no knowledge of Jasper's magical origins. Treated like a loathed servant, the only kindness he knew was from that of Judas' own daughter, a beautiful maiden not much older than he. She was full of purity and love despite her father's cruelty.

One dark night, Rosalind Braddock is faced with the choice between taking a life or losing her own to the mad cook's wrath. For blood or for love? Her choice decides the fairest betrayal. The beauty of pink petals can fade over time, but the sting of betrayal can fester forever.