CAREFUL Leadership: How Your Leadership can Create Safe, Compassionate and Effective Healthcare

by DJ Hamblin-Brown

Publisher: HCV Publishing

Product Description:

Do you work in healthcare as a doctor, nurse or allied health
professional? Or perhaps your job-title includes the word
supervisor or manager?
If so, then this book is written for you.
Despite the recognised importance of leadership, and especially the
impact of first-level leaders — who sit traditionally at the bottom of
an organisation chart — few healthcare organisations systematically
provide leadership training to those who are new to the job.
In this compact and accessible book Dr Hamblin-Brown offers such
healthcare leaders some direct and practical advice using examples
and exercises that anyone can follow.
Dr Hamblin-Brown has many years of experience both as a senior
emergency doctor and international physician leader. He has also
spent several years outside healthcare where he worked to coach
and develop leaders in other fields.
CAREFUL Leadership distils leadership into seven qualities which
can be learned and actively developed as skills. Using these skills,
healthcare professionals can direct their energy more effectively to
improve the care of patients. The book discusses the psychology of
leadership as well as the basic approaches needed to influence and
manage both peers and teams.
This is a companion and follow-up to Dr Hamblin-Brown's previous
book, The Meaning of CAREFUL, which discussed the issue of
culture in healthcare institutions. Taken together, these two books
can help organisations and individuals address the pressing need
for better leadership in healthcare.