Tales of The Lesser Evil Volume 1

Tales of The Lesser Evil

by Alexander M Crow

Product Description:

An anthology edition of the first four stories of The Lesser Evil, including two not previously available to purchase.



Only One Death:
If he does not find a way to save them, Dhinal knows his people will die. Every single one of them.

Dust & Death:
In a land of dust, there are some things best left buried, horrors and secrets which go far beyond fear — testing the very sanity itself.

Death & Taxes:
A teenage assassin and the uncle who trained her, a trio of backstabbing killers, and a man Merie knows for a fact wants her dead. And that's just the people she works with.

A Clean Death:
An assassin, her apprentice, and one final murder. A city where it is law to wear a mask in public. And someone — or something — hiding in the shadows. Something which wants them to fail. Fatally.

A forthcoming epic fantasy trilogy, The Lesser Evil begins with a series of introductory back-stories: The Tales of The Lesser Evil. Each of these Tales introduces characters, places, themes and concepts which will form the heart of the coming trilogy. Think of each as a prequel, or a movement in an ongoing symphony of story.