Lone Huntress

Lone Huntress, #1

by Patti Petrone Miller and Andrew L Miller


Product Description:

Born to a hunter-gatherer society living in the massive trees of an alien forest, Lisa was abducted by the sadistic pirates who slaughtered her tribe. Rescued by a gruff bear of a bounty hunter, Lisa learned the trade as her adoptive father's apprentice and devoted her life to hunting those who would hurt others. But it's a lonely life for a traumatized woman, and inside the powered armor is an emotionally damaged introvert who fears large crowds and hates the very appearance of the amazonian amputee with the prosthetic limb and the biochemical alterations that she sees in the mirror.

Throwing herself into her work, Lisa establishes a reputation for herself for competence and professionalism that opens the doors to greater opportunities. But seizing those opportunities means facing not only her crippling anti-social awkwardness and self-doubts, but also the ancient enemies of humanity itself. Enemies who live in the shadows and in secrecy, manipulating attitudes and preying on psychological vulnerabilities.

What happens when a bounty hunter hiding a fragile psyche under her armored shell confronts telepathic aliens who specialize in picking at open wounds and emotional scars?

A lot of dead aliens...