Farty Arty Goes to a Party

The Adventures of Farty Arty, #1

by Martyn J. Fartyn, Esq.

Publisher: HCP Publishing

Product Description:

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You And Your Kids Will Be Rolling With Laughter After They Meet best selling Farty Arty and His Friends

A.J., a ten-year old from Australia, said Farty Arty, "is one of the funniest books I've ever read."

You and your family can follow Arty in this new series of funny books for children 5-8 as he marches to his own drummer, confidently farting and learning and laughing at life, charming his friends and readers alike. What better way to teach pride and self-confidence in children than to teach them with humor to cherish every part of themselves, including their farts.

Parents and educators praise Arty as a learning tool to improve reading, comprehension and relationship skills.

Kids just love him because he makes them howl with laughter, especially at the more than 25 cartoons.

Listen to what people are saying about Arty:

From Robyn, mother of two boys, 5 and 7: “My seven-year old was rolling on the floor practically drooling he was laughing so hard. We are loving all the stories!”

From Margaret Hubbard, Masters of Education/Specializing in Reading: “All boys and girls can relate to Arty. They need to be able to read and enjoy stories that mirror their lives. If you want your children to laugh out loud, and read and re-read a book, this is the book for your family. It will keep your children in stitches.”

From Barbara Manduca, mother and educator: “I know first hand how hilarious potty humor like Arty is to young children. There were many giggles in our house as we read this book about a topic that no one usually discusses.”

From Dave in the UK: “Made me and my daughter laugh.

She 5. I'm 50 but we both understood it. Well done what's next on the list.”

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