The Operative


Product Description:

The Operative, at all costs, carries forward the hidden agendas dictated to the US government by transnational corporations and the deep state with impunity and deniability worldwide in the name of democracy to advance greed, power, subjugating many to benefit a few and paid for by the blood of the impressionable idealistic youth in service of their country with honor, courage, and sacrifices. His next mission immediately after 9/11, is to locate and eliminate the culprits of the attacks no matter what. Alternatively, to pin the blame on an escape goat to keep the public occupied in the story, while other agendas are advanced.  Only this time much is at stake. His mission takes him under assumed identities, From Saudi Arabia to Iraq to Afghanistan and then bound for Syria, ending in Tahiti. Follow him through his heart-wrenching mission to get to the bottom of the terrorist attacks that shook the entire world questioning his governments objectives and his humanity.