Primal Instinct

by Minerva Hart

Product Description:

First-place Winner of the ABR Book Excellence Award for Best Science Fiction and Urban Fantasy


A speculative dystopian fiction in a near future where the environmental assault of man has finally destroyed the planet, and those who have survived no longer have any of the benefits enjoyed during the time of the Dry World. America now has only two masters: the polluted, acidic muck of water that has invaded the land, scorching and killing, and the tycoons who have bought themselves modern-day fiefdoms of what remains, complete with entire populations reduced to slavery. Science has taken some weird turns and the splicing and dicing of DNA to cross mutate what's left of man and what's even less left of animal has created characters like Freddie: a mostly human, scaled anomaly who appears to be the only individual that a captured siren does not want to immediately shred and eat alive. 


"Primal Instinct is a creative and outstanding urban fantasy novel with a riveting storyline, original, well developed and interesting characters and an ending that will satisfy and have you begging for more from this talented author. Science fiction readers will love its multifaceted characters and unpredictable plot." — Artistan Book Reviews

"It's a terrifying, beautiful, heartbreaking, and uplifting story with all the electricity of an Electrophorus. Or at least one with the same type of tail. Very highly recommended." — Asher Syed of Readers' Favorite